Treating your horse with ice packs

Horses need ice packs too!  Many race horses that are riden hard can get aches and pains in their legs resulting in poor performance.  Much like a human, a horse will recover more quickly when treated with custom ice packs after extreme excercise. 

What is cold therapy?

The use of ice on an injured or inflamed leg is known as cold therapy. Proper use can help improve a range of muscle, joint, and soft tissue injuries. The cold temperature of ice helps to decrease blood flow to the injured area. In turn, reduced blood flow helps minimize swelling and inflammation, dissipate heat, and alleviate pain. At the same time, cold therapy slows metabolism of the tissue surrounding the injury, which helps minimize further damage and, as a result, speed healing.

Using ice packs for horses is common practice for many horse owners.  Regardless of if your horse is a thoroughbred or simply a friend, if your horse turns a leg in the field and there is excessive swelling then you need a horse ice pack.  You can visit for all types of custom ice packs. 

Using heat therapy on horses is often frowned upon as the muscles are already quite hot and used quite regularly.  Cold therapy is really what your horse needs if it’s injured, has been run excessively, or just to cool off the legs.  Many horses absolutely love the feeling of a cool wrap around their legs.  Some might get freaked out at first but after they get used to the feeling they always fall in love with it. 

In hot climates you can also use the ice packs to place on your horses back to cool it off.  These are very versitile and can be used on virtually any part of the horses body.  After you’ve been out for a long ride, place a few cold packs on your horses back and they will be in heaven.